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Shaping the Future

NexCore Group is in the business of fueling progress. We are committed to pushing the frontiers of innovation by providing groundbreaking real estate development solutions. With our expertise in real estate development, we partner with academic and research institutions, shaping purpose-built facilities that serve as catalysts for advancement across multiple fields, including energy transition, pharmaceutical R&D, education, clinical manufacturing, lab space, and incubator and accelerator spaces. We don’t just develop buildings; we create environments where talented people come together to collaborate, thrive, and produce outcomes for the benefit of humanity.

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Rendering of kitchen area with tall, two-level wood island accented with a red graphic wall to the right with a large, overhead lighting feature on the graphic wall
Exterior view of the back of a two-story gray and glass building with colorful lounge furniture, outdoors games, and table seating amongst a lush landscape
Exterior front entrance of HATCHSpaces at dusk
Lobby of HATCHspaces at Irvine Spectrum with people sitting in a lounge area in front of an art wall with blue and orange tiles and a quote wall with social media icons
Exterior view of the rendering "Glo Park"
NexCore Group Announces Global Energy Business Park, ‘Glo Park,’ for Renewable Energy Research Adjacent to National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Interior rendering of Scientists with lab coats in a lab with red accented colored chairs, light wood tables and grey paint.
Lobby of science and technology development, Glo Park

By the Numbers

Lab space with one woman working in the lab

Providing the life science community with purpose-built lab facilities at varying scales is what we do, including the infrastructure required for wet lab and clean-room spaces. Our purpose-built facilities leverage reverse engineering building innovation from the end-use perspective to deliver space in a better, easier, and more economical way.


lab coats used in our Life Science buildings


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Hydrogen I exterior rendering of the building

Championing the Energy Transition

The future is green, and NexCore Group is steering this sustainable transition. We work hand-in-hand with institutions and industry trailblazers to construct advanced facilities that incubate the energy transition. Our buildings encourage breakthroughs in renewable energy research, clean tech development, and energy storage, paving the way for an era powered by sustainable solutions, from solar and wind energy to pioneering technologies.

HATCHlabs @ Irvine Spectrum lab space with two women working in the lab

Spearheading Pharmaceutical Research and Development

At NexCore Group, we anticipate the constant evolution of the pharmaceutical landscape. We create specialized facilities that boost pharmaceutical R&D, working closely with academia and research institutions. Our real estate development proficiency ensures these spaces satisfy stringent regulatory requirements, while fostering a collaborative, efficient environment for scientific discovery. We are the driver behind the development of cutting-edge laboratories and manufacturing spaces that fast-track life-saving drug development and delivery.

Hallway at Hatch at Alhambra showing the numbers of pi, grey walls and blue accented color hallways

Cultivating Research and Education

We understand the monumental role research and education play in societal progress. NexCore Group partners with academic institutions to develop dynamic research and education hubs that promote interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge transfer. Our facilities serve as collaboration hubs for breakthrough research fostering synergy between researchers, students, and industry stakeholders. We provide spaces that flex, technological infrastructure that supports, and amenities that make a difference – empowering academia to redefine possibilities.

HATCHSpace lobby with receptionist desk and blue art behind the desk

Developing Advanced Clinical Manufacturing Facilities

Clinical manufacturing necessitates knowledge and expertise in healthcare and engineering. NexCore Group synthesizes these key elements, shaping up-to-date facilities that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). HATCHmfg, our proprietary manufacturing facilities, caters to the demand for GMP structures on smaller scales, streamlining product market entry. With a focus on compliance, quality control, and advanced manufacturing processes, our facilities enable seamless operations, ensuring dependable production.

Hydrogen I interior rendering of the lobby area

Fostering Innovation with Multi-Tenant Lab Space

NexCore Group believes in bolstering innovation and supporting budding life science companies. HATCHlabs, our purpose-built science labs, are designed to meet the specific needs of growing startups. We offer science-focused infrastructure that facilitates a variety of uses, along with design-forward spaces that attract and retain top-tier talent.

bar-height desk inside kitchen area with gray floors, white walls, and accents of blue in art and the wall by the door

Accelerating Growth with Incubators and Accelerators

We develop catalytic incubators and accelerators, forging a nurturing ecosystem for scientific and technological advancements. HATCHx, our ready-to-research lab spaces, accelerates hyper-growth for companies, offering private lab spaces in multi-tenant facilities that allow science teams to focus on growth and foster peer interaction.

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What Our Clients Say

“I think what sets HATCHspaces apart is that they really understand both the needs of the tenant and filling the needs of the industry where there is a gap. They bring those two things together to create spaces like HATCHspaces at Irvine Spectrum where companies can grow into, that are really unique to the needs of the companies that are in the areas where they operate.”

Melanie Cohn, Senior Director, Regional Policy & Government Affairs, Biocom California

Forge the Future with NexCore Group

Leveraging our experience and expertise in developing complex, user centric facilities, NexCore Group is the preferred real estate development partner for institutions aspiring to create exceptional science and technology facilities. We understand the distinctive needs of these specialized environments and their significance in fostering collaboration, innovation, and success. Our dedicated team of experts delivers customized real estate solutions that align with your vision, boost productivity, and drive advancements in your respective fields. Let’s forge the future, together.