Debbie Wedderburn

Headshot of Debbie Wedderburn

I attended Colorado State University as a single mom with two elementary school boys. I was a “non-traditional” student majoring in accounting. I soon realized after a divorce that I needed to go to school and earn a degree so that I could support myself and my two sons. I secured a “First Generation” scholarship from CSU which allowed me in-state tuition (as I was previously living in Kansas), and I used student loans to pay for the rest of my education. Even though my parents didn’t have a lot of money, they helped me through those years by paying my rent. At the start of each school year, my dad would give me money to buy new school clothes for my kids.    

I grew up in rural southeast Colorado with one sister. She and I were raised by our parents to be hard workers. Both of us always had jobs from the time we were old enough to work. We both turned out to have successful careers. My sister was a computer programmer with a top-level government security clearance. We were not allowed to know what she did but one thing I knew was that she wrote programming for missiles.  

I’ve been with NexCore since its inception nearly 20 years ago. After graduating from CSU with a BSBA in Accounting, I began my career as a real estate accountant. A few years later, I transitioned into real estate asset management. I’m now a managing broker in Colorado, Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio, and Idaho, and I have over 29 years of experience in the industry.

I currently serve as the Senior Advisor, Real Estate Management, after managing the Real Estate Management team for over 10 years.  In my current role, I support the largest team in the company. I love challenges, and I find joy in solving complex problems. With my accounting background, I understand the financial intricacies of real estate, and I’m able to develop collaborative and innovative solutions that bridge partnership divides. I also have over 20 years of leadership training and experience, which enhances my ability to help the team grow both personally and professionally. 

In my spare time, I love to golf. I haven’t had a hole-in-one yet, but I keep trying and have been very close multiple times