Bryan Ellison

Headshot of Bryan Ellison

As someone who has been involved in the design and construction industry for 30 years (23 in the healthcare sector), I have seen many successful projects.  The two most common traits I have seen on successful projects is teamwork and having clear expectations set.  

Prior to working at NexCore, I worked for an integrated design build firm specializing in healthcare.  My role as a senior team leader gave me valuable insights on teamwork.  I had to create an environment of collaboration between designers and constructors, who in their traditional roles, are not accustomed to working closely together.  We only succeeded when we eliminated the traditional differences and worked for a common goal.  

For the design and construction team to meet the client’s expectations, they must know them and understand how those expectations will be measured and evaluated.  As the team leader, that is one of the first actions I set in motion.  

I was taught early in my career that it’s difficult to succeed in something if you don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish. I’ve learned and developed many soft skills over the years.  Those coupled with my engineering degree give me the tools to deliver success to our clients at NexCore.